2018 REACH Participants

Megan Abella

Megan Abella (Knoxville, TN) is a 2016 graduate of L&N STEM Academy and is currently attending Pellissippi State Community College. She hopes to transfer to the University of Tennessee to earn a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering. She hopes to work at SpaceX or NASA or even open up a new branch of the aviation industry as technology develops. Megan is the daughter of Agnes and Colorado Abella.

Marlen Diaz - Chattanooga, TN

Marlen Diaz

Marlen Diaz (Chattanooga, TN) is a Dalton High School graduate who is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in engineering. Marlen hopes to earn a PhD either from the University of Tennessee or from Georgia Tech and someday work in a chemical engineering field. Marlen is the daughter of Beatriz and Eduardo Diaz.

Joshua Dykes - Benton, TN

Joshua Dykes

Joshua Dykes (Benton, TN) is currently attending community college to pursue a career in pharmacy. Through REACH, he says he hopes to gain a deeper knowledge of how agriculture affects medicine.

Leticia Isaola - Chattanooga State Community College

Leticia Isaola

Leticia Isaola (Chattanooga, TN) is a Dalton High School graduate currently attending Chattanooga State. Leticia hopes to someday work in a health field and hopes to learn the importance of agriculture during her summer REACH experience. She also hopes to gain experience as a researcher. Leticia is the daughter of Nicole Isaole and Cristian Peña.

Jasmine Lee - Jackson State Community College

Jasmine Lee

Jasmine Lee (Jackson, TN) is a 2015 North Side High School graduate currently attending Jackson State Community College. She is studying biology and pharmaceutical sciences. Of her experience in the REACH program she says, “I want to expand my knowledge, help others in need, and be a solution to one of the world’s problems.” Jasmine is the daughter of Edison and Christina Lee.

Numfundo Mfeka - Southwest Tennessee Community College

Nomfundo Mfeka

Nomfundo Mfeka (Memphis, TN) is currently enrolled in the pharmacy technician program at Southwest Tennessee Community College and hopes to someday attend the University of Tennessee to study pharmacy. Regarding the REACH program, she says, “Agriculture works together with pharmacy. They go side by side. I want to gain more knowledge and insight on the ins and outs of agriculture because it plays a huge role in our lives and in our health.” Nomfundo is the daughter of Norah Ntombiyenkosi Khanyile.

Brittany Stone - Southwest Tennessee Community College

Brittany Stone

Brittany Stone (Memphis, TN) is a 2015 graduate of Whitehaven High School and is currently attending Southwest Tennessee Community College. Her goal is to eventually receive a master’s degree from the University of Tennessee. Brittany’s eventual goal is to open a cosmetic company, and wants to use her experience as a REACH fellow to learn about toxic chemicals and ingredients of everyday products that negatively impacts people’s lives. Brittany is the daughter of Andrea and Steve Stone.

Joel Villalobos - Southwest Tennessee Community College

Joel Villalobos

Joel Villalobos (Memphis, TN) is a 2014 graduate of Kirby High School and currently studies natural sciences at Southwest Tennessee Community College. His goal is to transfer to Tennessee State University in 2019. Through his participation in REACH, he hopes to learn new scientific techniques and strong leadership skills. Joel is the son of Pedro and Elvia Villalobos.